Greenfern Medicinal Marijuana Ltd

A therapeutics company based out of Normanby, Taranaki – established to support the emerging medicinal cannabis industry within New Zealand.


Offer Summary

♦ Executive Summary

Greenfern Medicinal Marijuana Ltd. a therapeutics company based out of Normanby, Taranaki – established to support the emerging medicinal cannabis industry within New Zealand.

Greenfern Medicinal’s business model involves the establishment and development of facilities, resources and collaborative arrangements with the intention of operating as a fully comprehensive grower, manufacturer and supplier of medicinal cannabis products with regards to:

► Cultivation – Breeding and growing the highest quality Cannabis strains by leveraging capabilities and proficiencies in plant genetics and breeding.

► Extraction – CO2 extraction producing concentrated oil for use in therapeutic products.

► Manufacture – creating fit-for-purpose, medicinal cannabis products (which includes cannabis and its chemical components cannabinoids), that can be used for curing, or alleviating the symptoms of, disease, ailment or injury.

► Distribution – supplying to a wholesale sales channel in specific industry sectors, where medicinal cannabis products expect to be sold to benefit consumers (as per industry guidelines).

For decades the physical effects of chronic, life-threatening and terminal illnesses like cancer, Parkinson’s, MS and epilepsy have been treated with pharmaceutical drugs.However, anyone with first-hand experience with these conditions will know that the side effects of many pharmaceutical products used to manage pain, have a negative impact and can be life-limiting.

Until now, alternatives like medicinal cannabis have not been legally available – but the future of the industry is on the brink of change. Results from countries that have already approved medicinal cannabis are outstanding.

On a global stage, New Zealand has the opportunity to take a leading role in the development of medicinal cannabis through its reputation as an innovative country with a strong heritage in medicinal research, product development and farming ‘Pure NZ’ cultivation.

New Zealand’s proposed Amendment Bill to the Misuse of Drugs Act 1975 was tabled in Parliament on 20 December 2017. The changes proposed are part of the Government’s 100 Day Plan to introduce legislation to improve access to medicinal cannabis for terminally ill people and those in chronic pain. The changes, which would come into force from 2019 onwards, are intended to strengthen the existing therapeutic model and improve access to medicinal cannabis based on principles of fairness, quality and safety, and compassion.

Greenfern Medicinal is at the grass roots of its trade opportunity, with the goal to set up the operational infrastructure of the company to be ‘ready for trade’ once appropriate licences and related permits have been secured under the new Misuse of Drugs (Medicinal Cannabis) Amendment Bill.

A site has been secured for the new facility, which is located adjacent to a hydropower station owned by Renewable Power Ltd and overlooking Mount Taranaki. Access to electricity from the adjacent hydropower plant at a discounted (against retail commercial prices) price provides a unique strategic advantage. In partnership with the hydropower station, Greenfern’s facility will operate with a sustainable water supply and access to hydroelectric energy positioning it as leaders in environmental sustainability and illustrating the brand intent of promoting New Zealand’s Pure NZ status.

Greenfern Medicinal can see the future and has a mission to be a thought leading pioneer in the emerging new medicinal cannabis industry.

Operating as a ‘People’s Company’, Greenfern Medicinal has a philosophy of ‘Patient before Profit’, and a goal to provide customers with a safe, reliable, affordable and natural alternative to traditionally prescribed toxic pharmaceuticals.

The corporate vision is to produce products that improve the lives of suffering New Zealanders who seek an alternative, more holistic approach to their medication intake.

“At Greenfern Medicinal We Will Stand by Our Name, Our Service and Our Product.”

Our Information Memorandum represents the business model and strategic intent associated with Greenfern Medicinal Marijuana Limited. Forecasts have been prepared for the first year of trading, with projections for years two and three based on growth of the number of plants cultivated and oil extracted.

Sustained growth is expected as industry regulation takes hold, the industry becomes established and new market segments open up.

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